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One of the more common questions I’ve gotten over the past few months as I built up the capabilities of CCO Global towards launch was “Why you would start a new company?” — the reason (to me) is both clear and easy to answer.

Over my 22+ year career that has taken me many places far-flung (having developed successful strategies for 64 markets around the world — and at one point, I lived in 17 cities in 12 years.) All of these opportunities, of course, provided many interesting people, insights, projects and stories — it came down to the same reason that I recently discovered so aptly in this graphic by famed author on business management practices,  Tom Peters:


To be a successful and effective Chief Customer Officer (CCO), you need to be exposed to a number of different projects and varied environments, meet the needs of multiple business groups, understand the requirements of all the “silos” within a business (including Corporate Strategy, Operations, Marketing and Digital) and be able to deliver on both your strategic ideas and your detailed objectives at the end of the day.  There are big pieces of knowledge to learn and retain within these specific requirements and not something that are readily available to either client companies or their consulting companies and agencies.

After being a “Gun for Hire” for 23+ years for “Big 4” consulting companies and “global marketing agencies” — where my role was to come in as an external consultant (most of the time as a “white label” provider under their banner) and figure out what exactly the company’s business development team sold their client; devising numerous and varied strategies to meet the client’s actual needs & requirements across the world; and then how to deliver something that the client would be happy with — it was a overtly stressful role mainly due the incompetence and inefficiency of the agency model.

I spent most of my waking hours attempting to educate the entire agency resource pool as to why they needed to recommend the proper things to do for their client and how to go about delivering it rather than providing the client with their solution – wasting both their valuable time and budget in the long run.  The entire mindset with these global agencies and consultants wasn’t about trying to be (or deliver) the best for their clients — it was the mentality of “doing enough to survive another day.”

I wanted to create something that wouldn’t compete with these types of companies, but rather match clients with both services and teams of qualified & experienced executives that are generally not available to agencies and consulting companies — and therefore providing them exactly what they require to be successful with no middleman or interference.

In other words, I’m out to create the best firm to meet the needs of my clients and their customers — not merely willing to settle for “The Norm” or the generally accepted.  I’ve been able to meet a great number of Fortune 500 executives during my tenure — and I’m even managed to get some of them to partner on projects with me.  I’d like to be able to offer some of my talented associates across the globe the opportunity to connect with some of the best companies and work towards the goal of providing the best customer experience for all parties.

This is why I created CCO Global — I’d love the chance to chat with you more about the journey… feel free to drop me a note and I look forward to hearing from you….

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