The “CCO Global Truly Tenets”

``Truly Global, Truly Digital, Truly Turnkey``

Our own company values are in sync with the clients we partner – we want to set the right expectations of what will be achieved; develop the comprehensive roadmap on how to complete it before the heavy lifting begins; then produce the best outcomes with the bare minimum of fuss (including meeting all required deadlines & budgets) through the delivery process.

This method of strategy development, communication and documented delivery helps our clients achieve the maximum return on their efforts and positively move the needle within the business.

We understand that these types of customer-focused projects do not fit the traditional “paint by numbers” consulting process that is pushed by global consulting houses as their required “‘Start Every Project at Square One’ process” insists; and that one should be flexible enough to meet the needs of the client and not attempt to shoehorn something that doesn’t fit or make sense.  This train of thought is solely based on decades of experience working with Fortune 100 companies to help them achieve their essential requirements in a timely fashion.

To do this, we’ve developed the “CCO Global Truly Tenets” – a highly successful method of approaching, completing and delivering global customer strategy initiatives for international companies.

True global capacity


Having worked in 65+ markets around the world with over 40+ global brands, we can offer a level of experience & acumen not seen within the typical consulting company or agency.

Why this is important: Existing global consulting firms still attempt to “sell knowledge” to their clients – and limit themselves to developing multiple overlapping versions of a local strategy with inexperienced personnel that results in a definitive lack of success.

At CCO Global, we believe that decades of hands-on experience, wisdom combined with understanding of the global scope of business, and how to draft a comprehensive and detailed business plan and then meet its stated objectives fits the true needs of our clients.

Deep experience in digital


Our founder has been involved in working with numerous multinationals on global digital strategic projects since 1991 (including substantial experience in mobile, eCRM, social media, data, web, etc. spaces.)  The other company principals have deep knowledge and heavy practical experience in the digital space with multiple multinational corporations across the globe – we live and breathe digital on a daily basis.

Why this is important:  The vast majority of the flow of information to & from customers is currently controlled through the digital channels (customer feedback, big data, social media, email, eCRM, loyalty, sales, etc.) – and to understand & interact with your customers, you will need to understand, plan & effectively perform in these areas.  There are a number of large consulting firms who will claim that they have the expertise – but have yet to develop successful documented methods to deliver positive experiences to their clients.

Turnkey results


The use of an experienced multi-disciplined team that can produce both impactful insights and a structured road map to solutions in a short period of time — all while meeting the needs & stated long-term project goals to deliver all the requirements.

Why this is important:  Companies don’t have the time or the budget to pay for inexperienced consultants to learn on the job while they should be working on solving the problems at hand.

Our skilled global experts can both identify & start on the path to providing solutions to the problems from day one and deliver all the project necessities upon completion with complete satisfaction.