“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”
— Peter Drucker

ccoLogoWhiteCCO Global was formed to focus on helping international companies (and those who have global aspirations) nurture and attain stronger relationships with their customers across the globe.


There are many benefits that result in corporations trying to connect and communicate with their customer base — but there is a severe lack of competent resources within the field of customer experience – particularly those with experience in both understanding and working with Fortune 500 companies on a global basis, the competent digital skills to navigate CX’s most important channel, and all the knowledge and numerous requirements contained within.


We offer Fortune 500 corporations (and other companies wishing to grow both rapidly and with stability on a global scale) a multitude of Chief Customer Officer solutions to both develop and enhance a “customer-centric” culture across the entire organisation – focusing (but not limited) on the core areas of Corporate Strategy, Human Resources, Global Operations, Marketing, Product Development, Finance and Digital (including the fields of social media, data management and various mobile technologies and new digital innovations.)


To translate the marketing and operational jargon — “CCO Global will determine the best methods of how to bring the needs of the customer to the forefront of your company – for the benefit of all.”   This includes boosting the company’s bottom line, investing in your employees (who will feel empowered to be able to help solve problems – and, therefore happier to remain at the company); and most importantly, your customers – the people who truly pilot the success of your company.


Because of our vast and diverse experience, we can offer “a la carte” results for our clients – designing custom-made solutions to meet the needs but with the realisation that not every situation requires the standard costly “paint by numbers” business process pushed by a global “Big 4 consulting house”. CCO Global accomplishes this task with the recognition of remaining flexible enough to adapt to diverse & fluctuating requirements that come with operating a global business.


Effective CCO skills require not only the core understanding of both the business and the various divisions contained within (and meeting the rigorous requirements of the people that oversee those departments) – but also the ability to understand that there is an enormous amount of nuance in the role in order to be successful.


A worthwhile CCO must be able to understand all the basic building blocks of the company – but additionally leverage experiences found outside the company, developing new methodologies and innovations for the business and how to best apply those concepts to resolving both current and future issues.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team has extensive experience in the fields of corporate strategy, marketing, global operations, digital technologies to help our clients diagnose their difficulties, design effective solutions to resolve the issues, and then work with the existing internal teams to implement and resolve the roadblocks that lie at the root of solving both existing and future customer problems.

A stronger relationship with the customer base will drive many positive characteristics that ripple through your company:

  • Improved sales
  • Vastly reduced operating & marketing costs through process enhancements and re-engineering
  • More effective & pointed corporate strategy improvement — allowing for the development of future growth opportunities
  • Superior customer acquisition, retention & satisfaction
  • Targeted new product development
  • “Feel good” PR opportunities

By “planting a flag” and showing that investing the company’s time, budget and effort in developing a core Customer Experience philosophy to meet the fundamental needs of your customers, you are betting that this tactic of developing a customer strategy is a winning business plan (as customer-centric companies like Virgin, Amazon, Home Depot, Costco and Zappos have proven with their astronomical growth over the past decade.)


The logical first step is to identify the “quick win” opportunities – this will provide traction across the organisation and its people to show the value of the investing & developing your customer experience strategy.


There will be an educational element to the initial discussions as well – providing insight and a list of different opportunities available to company leadership to improve your customer’s experience and interactions with the entire company.


We will provide a comprehensive 30-day assessment on where to kick off and help develop a method to both develop & improve your customer’s experience with your company.  Please feel free to contact us and we look forward to helping your company.